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Why I hate CSS

As a developer in any non-web language (Read: anything but HTML and CSS) there's pretty much only 1 hard and fast rule: it's not the compiler/interpreters fault. It's yours. One of the differences between a good programmer and a bad programmer is knowing that you can't blame to the tools for something that you did.

When I was just starting out in C, I remember being convinced on numerous occasions that the Turbo C compiler had a bug because my code **had** to be right - I'd double checked it a number of times - and there **had** to be a bug in the compiler. But there never was - it's pretty close to 100% of the time not compiler/interpreter/debugger's fault.

Except with CSS and IE/Opera/Safari/Firefox/Epiphany/Konquerer (insert your least-favorite browser here - I'm guessing IE, but that's just me.)

Browsers wouldn't just randomly double margins or change list items whitespace or not position objects correctly? Would they? Things are getting better as IE6 finally phases out, but that's also part of the problem - my memory of all the necessary IE6 hacks is starting to fade.

But it's still not perfect (is your browser 100/100 on the Acid3 - Firefox 3.5.5pre Ubuntu is still 93/100?)  Since browsers still render things differently and react to the same code differently (and often all incorrectly according to the standard) - you have a situation where fairly often it's the language's fault. And since us programmer's are generally egotistical types, give me an inch of believing that it's not my fault and that will be my first conclusion half the time. Even if it turns out that it's just a darn missing semicolon; again.

Posted Tuesday, Oct 20 2009 06:00 AM by Pascal Rettig | Rant

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Posted by Liz at 08:30PM on October 24 2009

Give CSS a few more years and it may become more usable. At the moment it is certainly a broken technology.
<a href="http://africanpaintingsgallery.com"&gt;Liz&lt;/a&gt;

Posted by Keegan at 11:13PM on January 23 2011

CSS is leading us all down a path of great frustration. HTML should have continued to develop. I can’t even take the W3C seriously as they don’t seem to address anyone but the elite minority who is convinced everything they say is the “word”. Forget about layout in CSS…how many people/companies are willing to pay for the time required to accomplish this on budgeted sites? Ok, I love the style sheets…streamlining code. I don’t care what all the CSS gurus have to say…tables are still the easiest way to layout. Here’s a site example of a pure table layout with CSS stylesheets:

<a href="http://www.keralatoursco.com&gt;

Try to validate even the most famous most beautiful sites – they don’t validate!! I for one am not buying into the CSS hype – like anything else it has useful functions but “demanding” that every site be coded that way is wholly unrealistic. Despite the dreaming CSS lovers it’s still money that rules. I haven’t met a customer yet who wants pure CSS simply for monetary reasons. Most of my sites are doing just fine without it…I’ll adapt where I need to but it’s time for the W3C to adapt a little, too.

Posted by Oftencold at 06:38AM on January 02 2012

OK, it’s 2012, and CSS is still the Certified Spawn of Satan. IO used to be able to teach someone HTML in a couple of days and they could make pages identical to ones they have to study for weeks as novices to create now. And the results are still subject to fairly random change.

Posted by IHateCss at 04:04PM on September 21 2012

The people who designed CSS are morons. MORONS! Not a day goes by without me finding myself cursing the day every last one of them was born.

Posted by andrewbrettwatson.com at 07:23AM on October 02 2012

CSS who came up with you? What were they thinking? CSS I hate you too!!!

Posted by css sucks at 07:08PM on November 03 2013

css is THE factor that makes me want not to bother with web design…

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